Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Voice SMS- is it worth investing?

Including voice to SMS messaging changes SMS technology to the next generation of significance.  

Voice enhances users’ flexibility and freedom. Provides the option to send audio SMS, to reply to text and voice SMS messages with verbal response.

Voice SMS complements other messaging services: Compared to standard text SMS, Voice SMS builds on the basic benefit of  

  1. Convenient and inexpensive messaging                                   
  2. Overcomes the difficulties posed by “triple tap” text input 
  3. Addresses literacy issues

OnMobile’s Voice Messenger Solution 

This is one of the providers of voice SMS. The OnMobile’s Voice Messenger Solution addresses the limitations of conventional SMS messages such as- 

  • Character limitation
  • Lack of support for local languages
  • Provides mobile users with a greater freedom of expression- emotions, language and message duration
  • Voice SMS allows users to send voice messages in the form of audio files that are sent to the recipients
  • The conventional “Store and Forward” mechanism is used for sending these messages, thereby ensuring messages only get sent during the non-peak hours

Voice SMS benefits the users by its 

  • Flexibility in pricing as compared to SMS or airtime usage since Voice SMS can be positioned as a premium service
  • Customers can be offered better value, especially for long-distance communication, thereby reducing customer churn
  • Service can be extended to conventional landlines to increase the coverage
  • Better utilization of network and ability to avoid congesting using Store & Forward technologies
  • Real-time end-to-end circuit connection between the two parties not required, thereby reducing infrastructure costs
  • With support for multiple languages, the usage of Voice SMS can be easily increased, leading to higher revenues

Operators can further customize the Voice SMS application through:   

  • Outbound calls are not made to roaming recipients
  • Duration of the voice message is increased from the default 45 seconds
  • Recipients can discard the message immediately or after a specific interval of time based on the duration set by the operators

The key textures of Voice SMS technology are-  Duration of the voice message: 

It is configurable giving added flexibility to the user and to the Operator  

“Grunt Detection” technology installed: 

Messages that do not include voice are not saved. For example, users might access the voice mail to send across a message but abort the process before recording. In such cases, the Grunt Detection detects the silence and does not record the message. 

Notifies the sender of delivery: 

The voice SMS sent, would be notified by the sender of delivery using voice or SMS by the system. 

Can discard the message immediately: 

The message could be discarded by the recipient immediately, as defined by the system. 

Can review the recording and re-record the message: 

The technology lets user review the recording and re-records the message before sending it, which tends them tweak it. 

Languages handled without difficulty:  

As, an audio file is created; dialects and cultural mix in languages are handled without any difficulty.  

Voice SMS uses- The Voice Mail system consists of standard Intel Servers and NMS Telephony interfaces, and uses OnMobile Voice Messenger Solution package. 

The two primary interfaces with the Core Network are the standard SS7-based E1/T1 telephony connectivity and the SMPP interface with the SMSC Gateway.  

Hence investing in voice SMS is worth of course

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